Hi everyone out there - how are things moving through for you?

We're travelling and venturing through some dark times for sure. But I can feel the field all shifting and "terraforming" - meaning big shifts are happening. I'm sitting here in the heart chakra of the planet, "Avalon", a key energetic centre, and so it's the perfect place to get a sense of what's going on. I can tell you for sure that strong planetary change is happening and the light is transforming through. So fear not, and if you do go into doubt, keep working it through in Breakthrough fashion.

I felt to feature this Openhand lead article about the 5D Crystalline Grid again today - it's something I worked to bring to light at the peak of the 1st lockdown. We've just completed a marvellous Ascension Activation online, and the group could palpably feel the formation of. the New 5D Paradigm - it's simply wonderful to open out into the higher dimensions and feel it all crystallising into form. So have faith the process. Keep working through your karma and density. This will all be worth it in the end - an amazing new way of living and being is awaiting the completion of our journey.

In loving support

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