18/02/2021 Journal Update: There's so much moving, shifting and shaking in the field right now, as the Opposing Consciousness seeks to terraform society in it's agenda of the 4th Industrial Revolution. I have to say that in places like Britain at the moment, it feels pretty challenged and challenging as seemingly plenty are buying into the narrative and going for the "jibjab". As that alters DNA, it's going to make it increasingly difficult for those people to truly feel the carrier signals of the soul and break out. It's my concern that the testing is doing a similar thing - just another means to roll out the synthetic agenda. That all said, there is truly an amazing saving grace that's rolling out ever stronger at the same time, and that is the 5D Crystalline Grid.

I started writing about this back in April 2020. Essentially it's the 5D foundation of the new paradigm that the earth is ascending into. It's been repaired, augmented and is now fully online, downloading energy from the sun and the galaxy. At times, I feel the energy is so strong and fast, that I could explode! My sense is that plenty of people are now tuning into it. Let's be clear, not only is that going to feel uplifting, exciting, empowering and exhilerating, BUT ALSO, because there's such a strong vibration flowing through it, then it's going to contrast and highlight any density within you - it will amplify that too, because it strongly agitates it, like a fast flowing stream stirring up the sediment in the bed.

So if you have been tuning into the higher vibrations in meditation and through signs and synchronicity, then expect that you could also be plunged into physical, emotional, mental and karmic density at times too. The opportunity is great - and the challenge aswell. That's where your way of processing becomes paramount. Don't ignore the feelings coming up. Turn right into them and work to process through. Seek help if you need to, it's not always easy to process through it alone, that's exactly why Openhand is building a global network of facilitators to help the karmic transformation (do check in with Tilly Bud our Community Connector if you require facilitation support).

Here in Britain things do appear pretty dense at these times - at least that's what appears to be reflected on the surface of society. However, the light is clearly breaking through in places around the world, where you're witnessing uprisings and rebellions against the lockdown narrative, and this is enlivening and refreshing to witness. I suspect you'll see plenty more as we head into spring in the northern hemisphere.

Do keep tuning into the sense of the 5D vibration and the 5D Crystaline Grid. It's purposefully there to support us through this deep process of transmutation. If you're finding it tough, work not to worry, but instead keep breaking through, keep opening up and feeling the infusion of the divine light. Be aware that this roller coaster is likely to be a lengthy process, so don't expect immediate lasting resolutions. There's much karmic density to work through. Have no fear, the light IS breaking through and transforming consciousness in the process. But it will be a turbulent journey through the stormy karmic seas.

Do check through my lead article above and especially the advised 5 ways to be in the super intelligence of the 5D Cyrtsaline Grid as much as you can. To me, it is for sure humanity's saving grace right now. It is speaking to you right there, through all the circumstances and situations of life, and the grand happenings and the minutii.

5D Crystalline Grid - Divine Super Intelligence, And 5 Ways To Be In It

Finally I felt to leave you with this superlative David Whyte poem. It's always motivated me in difficult and challenging times...

In loving support