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Been like climbing an ever steeper mountain. i  would have much preferred an actual mountain barefoot to this pain lol! But then i remember the pay off, and more importantly the reasons why. There's no way we can go on like this. As much as i am mourning Gaia, i would rather the end than the torture we're putting our mother through. My heart is so broken for her right now. But hope prevails; im starting to forgive myself, and i won't let myself off the hook for bad behaviour; to myself or others. i love that..."carrier signals of the soul". This morning i needed to relax so i decided to listen to the kundalini and wounded dragon meditations before work and other than a couple moments where I felt tired after eating, my energy was unusually high today. Synchronicities: coworker talking about her stitches brought me back to an unhealed memory i needed to process. Processing a traumatic memory on the bus home and imagining waiting for my younger self to come running out of the house so i could console her, tell her it wasn't her fault and give her a milkshake cause i knew she was hungry. I opened my eyes and a fella sitting in front of my had a milkshake. You're saving our souls.πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ™