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Remarkable, wish I could be there. Speaking of throat chakra, I'd been working on it lately as I feel some block. Then spontaneous movements began to unlock the neck and I couldn't keep slouching anymore, my spine wanted to be aligned and head upright. My body wouldn't allow my neck to remain bent down anymore and holding myself better took the pain and tension away. Synchronicity working as always, helping inform: a couple years ago I had a vision of me letting someone go who I had developed very unhealthy attachments to. When I let go I floated out into space and "died", and just floated in peace and nothingness, until I came upon the opening of a tunnel which when I looked through was a vibrant blue starfield. Until now I couldn't figure out what the tunnel was or where it led and now I think the vision was showing me I would reconnect with my higher self, through the throat chakra, once I opened it back up again. Remarkable!!!💜💜💜🙏