03/05/2021 Journal Update: Make Hay Whilst the Sun Shines!

We've just enjoyed the ancient gaelic ceremony of Beltane here in Britain, and in Glastonbury the heart chakra of the planet, it was as if festival time had suddenly exploded. The Tor was literally full of people celebrating and unleashing ecstatic beingness. It felt like the lid lifting off the genie's bottle.

It's so refreshing and invigorating after everything that's happened on the planet this last 12 months. I can't say how it goes from here (not can anyone), but it most definitely feels like there's been a palpable shift of consciousness, an opening, an awakening. And my sense is that's going to be very hard to constrain - fortunately!

You simply cannot bottle up the human spirit indefintely. We are not zombies! And so I am filled with encouragement about the state of the human spirit which feels essential to convey to you all. We have a window of opportunity on the planet these next 5 months of so to open a window of flowing consciousness that is wide and strong.

How can you express the fullness of your divine being?

The 5D Crystalline Grid

You may recall that about this time last year I shared my feelings on the reactivation of the 5D Crystalline Grid which is forming the basis of the new 5D Paradigm on Earth. It is vibrant and active as I speak. And you don't have to wait - you can create from their in your life right now. With each in-breath feel like you're unwinding the old 3D construct of your life. With each out-breath feel like you're creating anew from the higher dimensional 5D. Watch the alchemical magic take shape all around you - in relationships, how you live and work.

That's why I felt to feature a lead article today from that time last year...

5D Crystalline Grid - Divine Super Intelligence, And 5 Ways To Be In It

Do refresh the article and especially the key 5 ways to be in this new consciousness. Right now we need as many people as possible downloading it into their lives and on the planet!

In loving support

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