04/05/2021 Being A Light Unto the Darkness

I'm hearing from people out there in different parts of the world having extremely tough times right now, even as waves of light are rippling through the field. People struggling with their immediate circumstances; people amidst the quietly destructive unconsciousness of the vaxxx; people whose liberties and inalienable rights are being challenged by the state. To all of you, I say, "You are Seen!!!" Your struggles do not go unnoticed by the divine. And your struggles have meaning and purpose.

Why Did I Manifest it?

Always when you hit hard times, first ask, "why did I manifest it?"

It may sound harsh and even cruel of me to ask this, but if you're reading this, it's because you're on a pathway that has asked for the deepest revelations - the actualisation and embodiment of you as the One. Plenty of people speak about being the One, but as yet, don't actually have the courage to embody it. Being the One means being able to hold the centre space and shine the light even amidst the deepest darkness. It means not contracting or retracting within, in any given circumstance, or else it is you that is extinguishing the light.

Therefore to be here (on this website) at this time, you must have asked,
"How can I be the light all the time? No matter what."
Then you have your answer as to why you manifested difficult waters in dark times.
Where do you identify? What makes you contract down inside?
Whatever circumstances they are that do this, you'll manifest them so that you can come up with the fortitude to decide... "I AM NOT THAT!" "THAT DOES NOT DEFINE WHO I AM".

That's where you forge the soul.
That's where you craft your beingness.
That's where you channel the light.
Anyone can do it when the light is already shining.
It takes real courage and conviction when it gets tough.

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