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Dear Open ,

You write

Then you have your answer as to why you manifested difficult waters in dark times. Where do you identify? What makes you contract down inside? Whatever circumstances they are that do this, you'll manifest them so that you can come up with the fortitude to decide... "I AM NOT THAT!" "THAT DOES NOT DEFINE WHO I AM

I am having to be so mindful of the myriad things that contract me right now. Each day has its own set of challenges and each one reveals to me something about where I am attached. Yesterday I found myself contracted in my neck and had to breathe deeply to recognize I was invested in a particular outcome. In this case it was about someone I know getting better. I had to let it go and allow for ANYTHING to happen . These times also make for extreme authenticity : I really couldn't care less "what people think" and they get a pretty unadulterated dose of me - Ray 1 is strong :) ( as the policeman who dared to stop me recognized ) And of course then there are the miracles. A very, very sick baby miraculously "got " a bed in another hospital because I had a hunch to talk to the right person at the right time . It's bloody hard work . Feeling ,softening .On repeat. 

And so many things are like an unexpected kick to the stomach ( a friend getting the second dose of the jib-jab despite a 2 am talk the night before :( )Still processing that grief.

And yet there are so many, many gifts .

The air clears in lockdown and today a friend and I lay down on the grass and watched the clouds play as we talked. It's intense and brutal and beautiful !

Thank you so much for all the support I can feel from the community ,though this ( and indeed I ) continue to be a work in progress !

Deep regards to you Open.The truth of your teachings and the association I have with Openhand is what guides me at all times .