Well damn! I have been having what I was calling another level of awakening of consciousness! In a chain of synchronistic events going on for a while but incredibly intensly the past week and a bit. Certain concepts on consciousness suddenly clicking into place! Ones that I KNOW would not have made much sense to me a year ago but suddenly it is so clear and natural. I know i was guided to this page to further cement my thoughts! And when you brought up Atlas! That was it! Confirmed. I was not aware at all of the comet stuff etc but a week ago i felt compelled to look for something which in turn made me come across a book i forgot i had on mythology and their characters. I put it to one side for a few days and as i said  a chain of 'eureka' moments have been ongoing and I remember picking up the book and saying internally 'give me an answer to this' opened it eyes closed and thought wherever my finger goes so will a message appear haha! My finger fell directly  on  'Atlas' in fact the whole page was dedicated to Atlas! It made no sense to me then but as with all my other 'inner visions' synchs I knrw it will unfold and here i am 3 days later. 😀 Sorry if a bit long I just HAD to comment! Great video! And I adore that part of the UK! beautiful.