For me this period is on a personal level strongly about reclaiming sovereignty, at the same time an allowing of what truly wants to come through. I'm leaving my apartment in 10 days without a new destination on the horizon yet. Funny Open you mention van living. A couple of weeks ago I came across a camper van for sale in my neighbourhood and felt an immediate surge. It was out of my budget and gone the next day, but the seed was planted (or rather it brought up a feeling I've been having for some time :-)). I'm also in the process of creating a website and feel to support people with nutrition, detoxification and holistic, self sustained health, something that now gets easily neglected when sitting at home a lot and facing boredom/stress, but also as a means for people to become more sovereign in the body. Ethereum also caught my interest, though it seems very vast and complex to me, I do feel to explore it at least.

There also seems to be more unravelling of my mind going on recently, or more distancing from it. It sometimes feels a bit like losing it but also going more sane, questioning everything, is this 'me' or not. At the same time I notice more 'knowing' coming in without using the mind. Emotion or thoughts are less driving my action, with emotion hardly being there sometimes, at least compared to how it was. It doesn't necessarily seem blocked, I do get sad, angry etc, but in the allowing it only lasts for seconds or minutes. In general I feel more at peace with what is, and this makes way for more action at the same time :-)