16/11/20: Openhand Journal Update: Hi friends of Openhand, are you managing to stay centred in all of the global transformation and terraforming going on? How is your life reshaping? Maybe you're a bit like me: you can feel so much shifting and changing but you don't know exactly how or where it's going to land? That's okay. Don't need or expect it to. Just keep working on personal transformation in your consciousness. And as for "grounding", well, yes, but it's a higher consciousness frequency we're working to bring into being, centred around the Torus. So if at times you feel lifted off your feet, that's okay too.

For me, a key indicator of the transformation, an essential bell-whether indicating the state of the field, is the ongoing situation with the American elections. I said on Facebook pretty much immediately afterwards that I could intuit a high level of vote rigging having happened - against the current President. One or two people projected at me for getting involved in politics and "undermining the democratic process" - a fascinating juxtaposition! But to me, in any case, this is NOT about politics - it's about Liberty versus Lockdown, that will come to impact the entire world - it already is. It's abundantly clear to me now, that this fraudulent vote counting stretches into the millions.

Check out this video which is clearly suggesting systemised voting fraud on a humungous scale...

It's also highly illuminating how most of the mainstream media is sensoring this and trying to play it down - "the President should do the honourable thing and go quietly". For me it's not a question of politics, and I don't support one political approach or the other - but for the sake of democracy, may he NOT go quietly! I do believe there are yet plenty of more twists and turns to happen before it is all finally decided. I imagine it could well conclude at the Supreme Court.

I feel duplicitous deception trying to take over the reigns of power to steer society into the synthetic agenda according to the "Great Economic Reset" as detailed by the World Economic Forum. Refresh yourself on this essential Openhand article above with eye-opening video...

Navigating the 3D New Norm in the Unravelling Energies of the 5D Shift

The essential question for us energy workers is, "what can we do now?"

Know that you are powerful beyond measure. Far more so than you'll probably imagine. Most importantly, you can affect the field positively - we ARE effecting the field positively. The shadow state is playing a humungous charade of smoke and mirrors, applying its blanket control of the mainstream media. BUT, a growing wave of the world population is NOT buying it. Plenty still are, but progressively more and more are pulling away and developing their own sovereign view. The growth of understanding and application of the Common Law is key evidence of this - regular people everywhere are quoting it and using it. I've always maintained this is an essential key to protecting our liberties and freedoms.

I do believe it is our willingness to express soul sovereignty in our meditations our behaviour and actions that is rippling further afield for a growing wave to pick up on. So let's keep right on doing that. It's the Ascension of Consciousness which will have the greatest impact around the world (speaking of which we have one more event coming up in the current program next week...
Ascension Activations Online

Crucially it's essential to expand and elevate your consciousness. Be aware of the shenanigens going on at the surface level, yes. But don't get duped by the drama - it's mostly skewed and purposefully deceptive anyway. Feel instead into the field, and work to "condense it" around you. What do I mean by that?...

Use the classic Breakthrough Breathing Meditations and Chakra Attunement to keep opening up your consciousness multidimensionally. Feel the field swirling around you. Unwind any personal resistance and attachment by centering in the Void of Infinite Potential. Then apply the outbreath to bring the higher consciousness down and condense it - it's like you're feeling it crystallising around you. Now let the sense of that inform your immediate next steps. You're harnessing the new reality and grounding it by stepping into it. This is going to help plenty more people further afield feel the new consciousness and then act accordingly, with greater soul sovereignty and divine connection.

So do refresh on the lead article above about navigating this new "normal" within society. AND know that the controllers WILL NOT get things all their way. Providing we stay centred in our core consciousness and keep working to breathe into existence greater soul sovereignty and the higher dimensional reality, then we're going to keep channeling in waves of light. More than ever that's necessary right now.

A profound thanks for all that you do and all that you are!

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