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I live very close to Manchester City centre and missed the demo! Anyway the local news didn't cover it other than a peice on a bloke with a hailer shouting ' FREEDOM' Good on him.

The push back from a lot of people online was that the demo spoilt it for everyone else. Get the water cannon's on them. Where were the police. Blah blah blah.  Lots of support as well though. The man who organised it was arrested in Liverpool on Sunday, by 20 officers, for organising a demo in Liverpool.  He's fine.

So the ' I'm alright Jack's. ' that sit at home watch the ' news' and think I'll be ok wear a mask I have toilet paper.  There's a great joke going around about a coroner report on a death. So cause of death?  Unknown but we noted that he had the cleanest bottom we have ever seen! More humour please.

So the elephant 🐘 in the room is private pensions.  No income for a year, then the recovery, maybe a recovery.  Will severely drain cash flow, or working capital of private pensions. There has to be a re set, there is not a cash cow that can cover the shortfall, minimum 20% max 80%.  The aim is to pull all of us down.

I see it, smug smiles on my friends that have large interests in the stock markets.  " I was really worried at first, but wow my funds are booming! I'm alright. How are you doing? "

Well I go home use meditation, some journey's with my power animal, that's a great comfort. Try and eat well and stay away from the TV. That's true but I Don't say anything like that at all. I make like the penguins 🐧 in the Madagascar film. Smile and wave, just smile and wave. I have tried but I'm fed up of being ignored and ridiculed, its drains me.

Private pensions cuts, that will be the straw that breaks the camels back, everyone on the streets then.