Hi KaE - what a fascinating story - thanks for taking the time to share here.

I can concur with many things you say in relation to the Draconians. They are NOT 'evil'. They are other types of beings that have taken on different forms as they've travelled the Universe. However some of their distant cousins have become distorted, such as the reptilians here on earth. Although one should also say their role is to incarnate in very dense physical situations, where it's easy to become distorted - disconnected from higher dimensional interactivity. I wrote more about the Reptilians on earth and their relationship with the Draconians here...

Close Encounters with Reptilian and Draconian Entities in the 5D Earth Shift

Reptilians here on earth have indeed been responsible for controlling and misleading humanity - they're also rife in influencing the church negatively for example. And yes, they've been judged as 'demons' too. Such demonisation only creates limitation and polarity for those who project the judgments.

Realigned Reptilian entites are also incarnating here in human form - helping in the emergence from the old reality paradigm. And there are those remaining in the ether around us that we might call 'dragons' - they too are supporting the realignment. But there are still plenty residing within the intervention and maintaining human ignorance and excessive consumption - destruction of the environment. So there's still much work to be done in realigning them.

My sense is that you're not a walk-in. But that you've had a strong integration of soul, following a very conditioned belief system incarnation - so the misalignment due to much exposure to very dogmatic religion, which you're now emerging from. But it could well be that your soul is from Draco and come here to support in the realignment of Earth souls - plenty have chosen to do so. And forming bridges - and portals - back to that home constellation is essential work right now. I too use obsidian to form portal connections to Draco, and realign reptilian entities through those portals - so yes, very important work which I commend you for undertaking.

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