Hi KaE. I've always loved dragons since I was 14. A silver dragon (I'll call him "Charles" here, not his real name) first appeared to me in my dream when I was 15 and he has been my best friend since. He visited me in my dreams often and would take me on adventures or explorations through many realms. I loved riding on his back while he flew.

But something happened to me when I was 22 and I was disconnected from the "spiritual" world for over 5 years, until recently where I've healed a lot and have reconnected again.

In any case, when I reconnected with him again a few days ago, he has ascended even higher into the 7D. When I first met him, we were in the 4D. He told me he was heart-broken when we were forcefully disconnected by some forces, but he was determined to use the momentum of his grief to transcend and ascend, because he knew I would do the same. And he knew this is only way he can truly help.

He has changed so much now! He turned from a "I'll always stay by your side" type of guy into a "I can be a reflection of your highest potential" kind of being. When I saw what he has become, I felt really inspired. I'm currently still in the process of ascending into the 5D, but I've come a long way. I'm proud of myself, and he lovingly reflected that to me. I'm proud of him too.

The two of us were inseparable, that when we were disconnected, that contributed majorly to my depression. But when we finally released all attachments to one another and become complete on our own, when we reconnected again, we truly enjoyed each other's company for the joy of it, and not from a place of neediness.

Now that I look back on it, I think the disconnection actually helped both of us a lot. I was an escapist and all I wanted to do was to explore and adventure in the 4D to escape this reality. Charles would do anything for me and over time he forgot his true purpose and that hampered his own ascension. The disconnection, although hard, helped put us back on track, and I'm grateful for it.

Sorry, my personal story ended up being so long. Lol. Anyway, I just wanted to say that my personal experiences with dragons or Draconic beings have been rather positive. I've met and became acquainted with some other dragons as well, (including a skeleton dragon who partnered with a human whom I later met and talked to on an online forum for a while, it was a beautiful synchronicity) and they all were gentle souls, even though they are large and powerful with impressive horns and scales.

It seems that "good" dragons who haven't reached self-realisation have the tendency to love someone too much and get their faithfulness distorted into undying loyalty(this can also apply to ideology or dogma, I think). This is a Karma many dragons/Draconians have to unravel, and it seems many have learned this lesson.

Anyway, KaE, I understand that most dragons chose not to incarnate into this dense reality, so it can feel hard for you to be here. But know that there are people in this world who appreciate and support dragons like I do, and I hope this offers some small comforts to you. Let us all continue on our path of ascension.

Peace Praying Emoji