During the lockdown, behind the scenes, we've been busy weaving away the new website for Avalon Rising, The World Ascension Summit, and we're thrilled to announce it today.

I have to share this amusing synchronicity with you about it...

All last week I was busy designing and building the new website for the event. I use Microsoft Powerpoint to do banner designs because it's something I'm best used to. I was working furiously to complete it up to Friday night. At the height of the energy, the irony flash landed that I was using a G8tes program, when some of his latest "programs" are less than helpful to humanity. When right at that exact moment, the program froze and broke on my apple machine. I'd say that's a very good omen. Avalon Rising is here to break the program!

Come join us. With what we've got going on in the world and what we've got in store, it's sure to be unmissiable... Avalon Rising: World Ascension Summit