We have a tremendous group of people building for our World Ascension Summit, "Avalon Rising". We're at a pivotal point in the history of humanity. To thrive through what is unfolding is to have a crytal clear view on where this is all inevitably heading. You may not always understand the immediate twists and turns, but your soul does. What's necessary is a clear understanding of the patterns that shape the landscape. That's how the soul's path is then forged.

That's what I'll be leading at the Summit - at that point, during the Lion's Gate 8/8/portal: we'll be able to look backwards at what's taken place this year, and forwards to what is inevitably coming. Then to set sail with the soul.

There are still some Early Bird Places available and we are limiting the total number of places to 55, for maximum meaningful exchanges. Are you meant to be in that group? Do you see yourself a Wayshower and Pionneer of the New Paradigm? That's what the world and humanity need right now...

Avalon Rising World Ascension Summit