Hey Open. Hey Rachel (and everyone who attended the Summit in person or in the ethers).

Things have been a bit busy here at Little White Feather... hence the delay in responding to the comments on this thread.

This was indeed a life-changing event and it was a pleasure and a joy to be part of it. My personal feeling is that the energy of these four powerful days spent together will help carry many of us through the rather character-forming days and months that face us now.

I have such faith that each of us has all that we need within to win through and that by supporting each other in living with soul in our everyday lives, we can and will win through and come out shining.

Looking forward to seeing you all for next year's on-and-offline Summit, if not before (I'll be helping out at Openhand upcoming Brighton event, so may see some of you there)!

With heartfelt love to you all.

Tonya, Little White Feather <3