Although South Africa is now allowing international travellers into the country, the requirements for doing so are preventative - you need a negative Virus test 72 hours before departure. Meaning that you have to plan the event, including the venue and all travel arrangements well in advance, and yet not know if you can travel due to the test - a test that a high percentage of the time is giving false positives and doesn't work anyway! I suspect the powers-that-be are wanting to restrict iternational travel until a vaxx becomes available and then will be mand8tory - in order to travel. I'm also aware that this is being legally challenged by private people in the UK - and I expect that will be a growing trend. I can't imagine the system will be able to secure this on a long term basis - only time can tell.

In the meantime, we've postopned our South Africa retreat now until to May 2021. Full details will be released with the 2021 event program later this year.