We've just experienced an amazing Ascension Activations Retreat online, which truly spanned the world - despite the enormous time difference, we had people tuning in from America, Europe, Africa, India and Australia - phew!

It's an absolute pleasure and a privilege to watch and take part in the incredible transformations people are making these days. There's definitely a quantum leap that's happened. I put it down to the deep letting go of consciousness inside. There's a fundamental realisation that the old system is defunct, in default and bankrupt. What's the point in maintaining any kind of allegiance to it? And so people are prepared to let go and dig deep into themselves - that's when you discover the extraordinary gifts of which you are capable - like a genie, emerging from a dusty old bottle!

Thanks so much to facilitators Elizabeth and David for your wonderful empathic support. Thanks to everyone who took part and making it so memorable.

I'd say to all who took part, and all tuning in out there, just imagine this, a tremendous home coming party awaits us after this process of tremendous transformation. What will it be like? Maybe something like this...