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It was a beautiful journey with some of the beautiful souls I have ever met. The effect of the gathering and the energy of the meditation still ripples through me and through my life. There were many things I took away from the journey. I feel more sovereign yet connected, more accepting yet committed, more inquisitive yet surrendered in my life. I see the reflections I need to see clearly now. A much needed change and connection. Thankyou Open for your passion in leading us through this journey. Thankyou Elizabeth for the wonderful reflections you provided. I look forward to the stage 2 gathering. I hope to see you guys there ❤️

On the second day of the gathering, there was a point when The Lion energy ran through me, I literally felt like I transformed into a lion in a jungle. It was so real and one of the most powerful thing I have experienced. The confidence and fearlessness of the being was so much that I fell into tears realizing what was clearly missing from my life. A day after the session, I was searching for a back cover for my phone because a dog had torn the last one. I found this one online and immedeatly knew it was for me. How perfectly synchronistic! Now It would serve as a totem for me to remember the experience and change. Lion image