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It has been deeply alchemical indeed. It makes so perfectly cosy feeling of being at home. Once we found the way there we never forget it again. All that we need in every moment of our everyday life is to remember this - we are at home, we are here, no need to go anywhere just to turn the full attention inside. This is the teaching of Openhand I took and carry with me.

For me Openhand is the greatest discovery of this year. I have been taking part in number of Openhand online retreats as this opportunity opened with this year and remember very clearly from my very first event the words that Open said - "no two retreats are the same", which is absolute truth as I can see now. I am amazed by the limitless creativity of his beautiful soul and this is very inspiring.

It is hard to believe the metamorphosis of my being that is unraveling so fast. But the progress can be seen only retrospectively, when we look back and assess our path walked.  Lots of disillusionment happened earlier, identifications dropped away. This retreat I felt as if I stepped into the new level of convergence with the soul. After a big emotional release it feels so exciting to witness the emergence of awesome gifts that my soul brings from its origins.

"The greatness of teachers is not measured by how much they know, but by how much they share" (Rev. Jesse Jackson)

Thanks from the depths of my heart to Open - he is the greatest example of how huge ones heart could be! The ripples of his so loving, crystal clear, shining energy reaches farthest corners of the world through the ether. I feel that energy surrounding me during these online retreats and long after the event, if not always..
Thanks to fantastic facilitators David and Elizabeth for heartwarming reflections and insights. I'll carry your loving hearts within my heart.
I also honour the whole group who brought incredible bunch of energies together. We are all so interconnected.

I have tried so many different meditations earlier in my life and was searching through endless energetic and spiritual teachings but only Openhand's approach like the big piece of puzzle perfectly fitted in the picture of my this life's exploration. With my curious impatience already looking forward to the next Openhand event.

Much Love to everyone Praying EmojiHeart I hope to see you down the flow.

P.S. "..Heaven knows it's high time and I've been waiting on my own too long.." - as I write now I hear the beautiful song in my heart and thought I want to share it (if it will be allowed):