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Dear Open,

Thankyou for the opportunity to share.
Before the lockdown when I came here to the new place I'm in, I was being hit right left and centre with challenges. I believe I have confronted a lot mostly about reclaiming soveigrenity and confidence.  But I guess,things have eased for me and I find myself settling into a comfortable zone. Since you have read my posts before,  you will recollect that I tend to do that. So I have been feeling this pull to challenge myself further.

 A few days ago I fell into the river with my phone in my pocket while trying to cross the stream. Needless to say my phone got damaged. The phone always represents the intellect for me, so I guess it means to trust more in the intuition than the intellect. That day I saw one of the comment in the OHweb to let go into the centre stream of life. I wasn't thinking about this but I played a song in one of the school meeting - the song from Moana where she is craving to go to the water but the intellect holds her back in the island. A friend of mine reflected to me, that if I'm stuck in an island. I could resonate with the truth in what she was saying but at the same time I feel the answer is to purify by beingness and look for greater challenges and uncertainty at where I'm. I find myself procrastinating that too. If I'm to look for other place and opportunity theres a big hurdle which I will have to pass - to let go of any attachment to where I'm as this is a beautiful place and I wonder if I will be able to find something similar. And I have only been here for a very short duration. 

There was a spiritual meeting we had a week before where we discussed about fear and death. Though I usually shares my thoughts,  I found myself venting after - the understanding and realizations I could have shared. I was discussing this matter with the same friend, about a medium to express myself and synchronicity pointed it was aligned..

I believe what I'm really craving is the connection to the higher dimension that have been eluding me for a while. I'm really looking forward for the Sept 21 online event.

Vimal ❤️