Dear Open,

This perspective of the matharon run seems very picturesque presentaiton of shared marathon journey. It feels like we are all running this path of ascension, yet mistery is to find my own unique expression.

Since discovering openhand energies at the beginning of this year I am immersing into them on different occasions. Illuminated perspective offered in your Divinicus book offered a view that was broad enough for my mind to integrate the nature of current transition on the planetary level. Integrating some part of your offerings into my daily-practices is opening a doorway to more intimately connect with 'benevolent energies supporting my human expression'.

For me it feels more, like your approach is offering an anchor and safe way into discovering the magnificence of 'multidimensionality'. What usually seems more astral journeys for fun are becoming an active expression of my being navigating the multitude of the shift. Situations like, opening the portals, clearing the energy fields, and especially anchoring other-dimensional energies through my vessel... are to surprise of my 'practical mind' becoming tangible expression of my being.

Currently I am navigating as to merge, the expression of my "higher and lower self". Not that they are seperated, yet at the moments it seems like two variois facets. Being close to establish the sustainence of my life, I am approaching the possibilty to basicaly shift completely off-grid as following the intensity of societal transformations is difficult to catch up with my appearence. And on the other hand I am seeking for ways how to convey the expression of my soul, so that it can directly meet with others.

Surrendering to the mistery of each day alone, it feels like tuning into the rhytms of my human heart. That's where I currently feel to counsciously channel the intensity of these Shift, that is just about to begin. As to make this marathon run more specific, it seems for me that following months will bring some massive transformations within the society. Rather than just questioning the narrative for me it feels like a possibility that some transcendental perspective might be offered. In order to make this shift more inclusive, how can we unify the shadow/light perspective by offering a more common way?

Also many thanks for your invitation to check in. Connected with societal journey, it seems that main topic for me is about transitioning from my 'personal mission of becoming the Self' into the transendental experience of every single day...

Sending much gratitude and joy...