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Hi Open

I finally saw your livestream from two weeks ago, and even though I couldn't catch it live it was still the most powerful for me. It was like you were speaking directly to me.

Lately the charade seems to have become ever more ridiculous. No matter what angle you take it just doesn't make sense. Even taking on the hat of a mainstream doctor this whole situation still doesn't seem founded on consensus science. They seem to be changing the science continously anyway

It's come to the point where it's just not possible to take it seriously anymore. There's nothing more to do but to smile and to realize that there IS no sensemaking out there. There is no point in engaging in trying to figure out "the truth" out there. The only thing that makes sense is to look within, to see what the drama triggers. Right now there seems to be some main parties engaged: The mainstream narrative conformists, who blindly trusts the WHO, the mainstream media, the politicans etc etc, never asking questions "You of course have to trust the health authorities". Another one is the spiritual mainstream, detaching from the drama, but also engaging in spiritual bypassing and black and white thinking "Trump is the problem. Q-phenomenon is dangerous". Yet another one the hardcore conspiracy theorists, finding a comfortable conspiracy narrative and identifying with that, swallowing hook, sink and line all the cointelpro put out there to ridicule those trying to think for themselves. "just lean back and wait for the good guys to fix the world". None of these seem to fit me well, which leaves me... well. I don't know. The point is the drama... just doesn't work anymore, though it's easy to play a role and adjust to the matrix when I have to (or do I really have to..). 

That's not to say that anything goes of course, and I do suspect there may be tough decisions to make ahead (though not so tough if one is coming from the right place). 

Thank you for all your perspectives. I do feel huge support in other people affiliated with Openhand these days. 

These are interesting times, and I do feel very grateful and excited to be alive :) 

Edit: Writing this post was actually very helpful for me, as I start to see how I often tend to put people into boxes, like the ones outlined above. This will of course prevent me from seeing another person at all.