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Hi Nils,

You're right, very interesting time to be here and witness this "Drama"

Mind you according to W.H.O figures, out of 7 Billion, Eight hundred odd million people on the planet, 931 thousand have died of "The Virus", that is 0.0119 percent of the population!

Not much drama there,

Statistically i reckon you've got more chance of dying by choking on a mask! LOL

For me it's extremely interesting to watch this social experiment playing out and to watch what it brings up to work with. I'm feeling a need to be fluid, and" warrior like" at the moment, i feel to rise up and fight. Maybe i am lost in "The Drama" !!  Still even so, i think the odds are in my favour that i'll come through this pandemic without a cough.  Sunglasses cool emoji Praying Emoji