I strongly suggested in my LiveStream about the 4th Industrial Revolution that it would be worthwhile exploring the Blockchain and Crypto, especially since it's a way of moving out of the control of the centralised banking system, which is bleeding society and the planet dry. Since the LiveStream a number of people have asked me how best to begin?

Firstly it's crucial to do your own research because there are plenty of new ways to get involved that are emerging daily. I began with this website where you can create your own wallet and buy some of the leading cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum... Blockchain.com

Here's another brilliant new project called Revolut

IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTES: (1) If you use it, make sure you apply the highest level of security options (2) Although Blockchain will send you a notification email to confirm your email and IP on logging in, DO NOT respond to further emails because they could be phishing attempts (3) Make sure you protect your phone sim card by having good security for your mobile number established with the phone company - so the number can't be ported to another phone.

PS: if you get a significant holding of crypto, best to get a Hardware wallet...
Nano X on Ledger.com