Anyone getting into the cryptocurrency space at this time needs to be aware that it could be a topsy turvey road through the Presidential election until things are stabilised. The general Crypto market has risen strongly in the last week. And particularly Bitcoin is going through a surge which could continue on. It's a great safe haven from all the ridiculous fiat money printing. However if the stock market were to crash around the election, that tends to bring the crypto prices down with it - temporarily. Meaning it would be a good opportunity to buy. So with the election only a week away, it might be a good opportunity to wait and research before you buy - if you're new to the market, to take some time to get established with a good wallet.

An easy way to begin buying crypto is with an online wallet like this one:
(NB: Use the maximum levels of security as described in the post further below)
Here's another brilliant new project called Revolut

If you start getting any significant holdings of crypto, it would be good to get yourself a "hardware wallet", meaning your private keys to the blockchain are stored offline, so they can't be hacked. The Nano X hardware wallet is the leading one on the market right now...
Nano X on

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