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20/11/20: Openhand Journal Update: the world is transforming strongly and quickly - at warp speed. As I said in my lead article above about the widespread awakening (Widespread Awakening Underway) it's precipitating strong reactionary shifts of consciousness from the shadowstate. That's the way I see it. Finance is what underpins society, more so than elections, which as we've seen, can so easily be rigged. Indeed they are CONSTANTLY rigged, it's just that this last one has been in public view. The latest eye opening financial announcement is that Google and Facebook are to offer phone payment apps. Wow. The next thing they're obviously trying to become are the new banks - and no doubt, holding cryptocurrencies (as Paypal aready are). Just step back for a moment and see where this might be heading...

There's a strong global movement onto the Blockchain, which progressively drains the energy from the shadowstate banking swamp. So what the controllers are doing is presenting "user friendly" smoke and mirrors to bring people back into the mainstream, with prying eyes, controls and strings attached. It's like a net to catch the free swimming dolphins.

I know it's a little complex right now, but stay with the inquiry over the coming months.  Openhand will always do it's best to illuminate the unerlying flows of energy and how they are crytallising on the surface. That way you may be informed of what the best choices are likely to be for you. Make sure your transformation in life is grounded in meditation - let your daily practice be your mast in the storm and the bellweather on energetic change.

Sure, we can use these new mainstream products and services by the tech giants, yet NOT be fooled by what's going on. Again, this announcement is likely to have a MASSIVE effect on regular banks. It's hard to see some of them not toppling. In the UK recently, one of the largest high street banks, Nat West, started suddenly freezing people's business accounts for no apparent reason (mainstream article here) - the reason will be lack of funds and the growing bad debt mountain as small businesses continue to collapse. This is one of the key drivers out there in this fourth industrial revolution - fully intended by the shadowstate. I do believe struggles in the regular banking sector will be the intentional trigger the system uses to get wide spread adoption of Central Bank Digital Currencies - and as I said in my lead article above, that's where they're really trying to take this. They want to reel in the maverick blockchainers (no chance!) whilst offering mainstream digital currencies.

I know this is a degree complex if you're not used to all the machinations, but what it clearly reveals, is my main point here: that there are two juxtaposed energies working through the field which is churning up the surface of society. It's reflected in the widespread awakening that's going on. And although the shadowstate will keep trying, it will be extremely hard to lock it all down. It's clear to me, ultimately, it IS going to fail!

Meanwhile real cryptocurrencies, sitting directly on the Blockchain (where you own your private keys) such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are literally rocketing in value. Many expect Bitcoin to reach a new all time high by the end of the year (perhaps around £18k). Be forewarned, things are very volatile out there. If there's a strong credible challenge to the election vote (which is likely), then the stockmarkets will likely wobble and there'll be a pull back in crypto too. But the underlying sentiment for crypto is very strong, with many new people entering the space.

And all of this is happening as there are massive and growing waves of people protesting lockdown in countries around the world, despite the water cannons!...

Openhand is here is steer pathways through the shift. As always we will do our best to keep you informed and aware of the terraforming landscape around us, that you may make illuminated choices on your soul's path. With that in mind, do tune into the latest facebook livestream this Saturday. I always enjoy connecting with you all (do share with likeminded people Thumbs Up Sign)...

Much love and support to all

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