Thanks to all the tremendous souls who participated in this week's Thrive in 3D/5D. It was a deeply memorable occasion for sure and an absolute joy journeying with you all. In these highly alchemical times, the work seems to keep going ever deeper and transforming ever more. Distance is clearly no object, and the depth of warmth and camaraderie is simply off the scale. You feel yourself sitting in a magical vessel together, journeying through time and space. I feel prviileged to have journied with you and will remember it always The Sun EmojiHeartvoltage emoji iconPraying Emoji

Special thanks also to the marvellous facilitation support that you offered Tilly and Chad -
simply heart warming HeartHeart

Here was the video clip we shared in the closing ceremony, that seemed to encapsulate so much of the interdimensional journeying of the week. Fond blessings to you all...