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Hi dear fellow travelers, as well as our captain on board, Open.

The aspect of my beingness, that's finally found it's way through my expression, still keeps me in 'riding waves'. Expressing my sense of gratitude and connection to you all, my life still speaks predominantly in synhronicities.

I just found words I wrote down as an inquiry of my journey, in our first day of the program.

Postopnment - challenge facing in my life;

Trust - aspect of beingness,  invited to come through

Love/relationship- possibility soul is seeking for

In morning I've seen two pieces of dried bark of wood forming letters CC around my altar. My inner voice reminded me to watch for another expression, that will be delivered through daily message on the webpage. ( I call it 3 in a row, to get clear conformation).

First one being, the name of Chris Cornell, a singer that Open told me about (coming across his song Patience, was direct answer to my first inquiry of the current challenge I am facing in my life)

Second one being Coca Cola bottle, that was mentioned yesterday as inquiry of the meaning - and to me reprsented corpus delicti (cold water storage) of our closing ceremony. Trusting the nature of things, even being expression of something challenging to me.

And third CC, came in a specific form watching current video. It was The ring that so strongly spoke to me. To me personally a simbol of wedding ring, I've been percieving with my inner eye for some time. Crystalizing counsciousness in tangible form. Flipping and turning C and C around, you form a circle... This is what Love does to me. Brings me back Home, center, times and times again.

Anyhow, it's just another story, that makes sense in my own world. All I wish is to share this energy, passion and comitment also here.

As it looks like, I am headed through some foreign countries, following my truest expression of Love in this lifetime. Heartfelt gratitude to all you, your presence is what is making this story possible for me to live in.

Joy and love to all❤🙏💚