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Vision, yes. The Welsh super lockdown, on Friday, is designed to agitate the people so that the police can react. 

The police will call for help and the army will be called in the keep the people in.

The police have obviously been instructed to be....assertive in their duties. The injustices logged on social media are there and they want them published. 

It's a possibility not a probability but this is coordinated.  I work on a major city centre train station. We have been crying out for years for a police presence on this station. Nothing ever happens. 

Late October we are now inundated with police and yellow vest security, dozens of men. All to make sure people wear a mask!

All gone now as there are no longer any people using the trains. This is a long game being played and well coordinated.  The possibility of a curfew seems madness but they show again and again how desperate they are.

I say peaceful disobedience is the way, they want a fight it suits them. Meditation absolutely.