08/01/21 Journal Update: Back in August I spoke about three cryptocurrencies to be attentive to, Ethereum, Bitcoin and XRP. I felt to give a little update in how things have shifted since August for the three cryptos - I think you'll see, we are indeed coming into a paradigm shift in society within the world of finance. And it offers the tremendous possibility for financial emancipation for those who feel to get their heads around it (and I'm finding a lot of intuitive light moving through the space too).

Ethereum: to me this is the darling of the new crypto industry, due to the added value it brings daily to the space in it's creation of "smart contracts" or DAPPS. As I've said a number of times, I believe this will form in essence the backbone of the new "Internet of Value". Back in April when I wrote about it, the price of Ether was £185. In August it had shot to around £300 per ether. Now, it's hovering over £800. Surprised? I'm not at all. And in 2021 it has a long way to go yet. It's entirely realistic that it could rise as high as £18k in the next two or three years due to the rapid adoption rate where other technologies are using its platform.

Bitcoin: everyone is still piling into Bitcoin! It's clearly being adopted as the new digital gold - a store of value. Interestingly gold has fallen these last 6 months as Bitcoin has gone parabolic. Back in August Bitcoin was around £9k, now it's £27k! Again, there's still huge room for growth as institutional investors rush to swap their cash balances with Bitcoin. Expect tidal inflows in 2021. It could well touch £90-100k in the forseeable future. BUT, I am still personally wary of what may come with quantum computing. What has happened in the past where new tech upgrades have happened, is something called "hard-forking" where the currency splits and takes two different routes. It has a tremendous impact on value. That said, the level of corporate interest is staggering right now, which will likely to continue to drive the price, at least through 2021.

XRP: I always saw XRP as the dark horse of the shadow state. If you think Bitcoin and Ether have huge potential, then pause for a moment and consider the world of "cross border payments". That's what XRP was designed for. It's a muti trillion dollar daily industry in which the current "Swift System" is broken. At just 20p a coin, to me, XRP is an absolute steal. BUT, know that were you to invest, it would be like riding a Black Dragon! I mentioned the SEC's court case against it in my article above. To me this smells of shadowstate shenanigans. Back in December, holders of XRP were offered Spark Utility Tokens freely at the rate of 1:1 XRP. They're due to be "air-dropped" in the next 6 months. Wow, a benevolent gift! But then immediately afterwards the court action (which had been mysteriously on hold for 8 years) suddenly takes place (smells like they were buying off the private investors). Of course everyone piled out of the coin as one exchange after another ditched it. But then suddenly, inexplicably, instutitional investment started to flow back in (Grayscale Just bought biggest XRP amount in history). It is definitely NOT for the risk averse, but personally, I'll continue to ride this Black Dragon and see where it might lead. Wouldn't it be a lovely juxtaposition if some of the shadowstate funds could find their way into this spiritual community to support spiritual growth?!

PS - there's a raft of other coins worth looking at besides these: ChainLink; Stellar; Aave; VeChain; Blockstack (smart contracts for Bitcoin). PPS - I am NOT a financial advisor - DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

The paradigm shift in the world economy is well and truly underway.

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