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I just finished the retreat yesterday ,and had a character building experience today :)

On one of my doctor groups there was a call to arms so to speak for the vaccine ( since we are going through a pun-demic :)) ) Let's all get it ,we will be able to convince the public etc.was the general consensus . 

After which I felt a contraction in my belly ,my throat and the left side of the heart . As I breathed through it ,I very politely ( I was bloody proud of myself !) replied in the negative with a good intellectual reasoning why we should NOT be getting it. It was very Ray 4 despite my strong internal reaction. There was a LOT of backlash ,obviously ! 

As I came home though ,my partner also a member of the group ,said something like ' Why do you want the mob to attack you,keep your ideas to yourself ' or something to that effect which trigerred me a lot and the shit hit the fan . That's his Fear ,that the mob will get me or him( smacks of karma ,doesn't it ?) 

Now the interesting thing is ,throughout this period we have had MANY differences of opinion. But I see that's exactly where I contract. Where I feel he isn't letting me say my truth ( even if he is offering an opinion howsoever gently ) . And it left me feeling so drained that I wonder if the karma has attracted a powerful entity as well ! 

Whew,more and more interesting this ride is getting ! 

On the completely other edge of the polarity ,when you guided us to meet the Team ,I was surrounded by such humorous beings . So much light and love and crazy laughter ,it's difficult to explain in words because there was so much etheric chuckling ;)

Thank you Open for that experience and to Jen and Tilly and Elizabeth for holding space through it  ❣️