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Hey Mehga, thanks for sharing. I can relate to a lot of what you say, speaking out one's truth in these times can certainly feel like a daring task! It's good to keep pushing through with a light and open heart.  Thumbs Up SignHappy cat emoji icon

Since I've seen plenty referring to entities on here as being "powerful", in one manner of speaking or another. Here's a few quick pointers from my perspective, concerning entities and their "power". 

Each one of us, who holds the spark of consciousness, is a reality creator. What we think, and believe to be true, is held within the power of our own consciousness, and from thus the outer reality is shaped. There can be no real power, outside this infinite creative potential. Darkness vs. Light is an inner "battle", projected as an outer one. And what is believed to be true is then given power. So when we interact with other beings on the path, ethereal or coporeal alike, what we are interacting with is actually a part of our own consciousness. Interaction with Light beings can be viewed, as a part of our "future" self reaching "back" to us from outside of linear time, communicating with the part of themselves still evolving through linear time. And in this sense interaction with negatively-polarized beings can be viewed also, as interaction with the shadow aspects of our own consciousness, that is yet to be integrated. So when we choose to call/believe another being as "powerful" (in comparison to self, instead of in connection to self), then it is kind of like hiding away the key to our own reality, and then posting an ad in the ether for a key maker. Often times when we feel that way about others, it is the ego projecting out, acting on a karmic "powerful vs. powerless" dynamic. To me, the invitation to heal is to feel fully into the emotional state in which we feel "powerless", simultaneously holding both the self that is "powerless" and the self that is "powerful" in one, then it becomes easier to gradually let go of identification with the dynamic, and hence the need for it to manifest on the outer will cease.  

In reality, the belief in an external power outside the self is what really set the limits on our true power. 

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