Good Morning Open and All

As I write this morning the Crypto market is having a pullback, BTC is down 25%  around $32K.

Typical swings in the crpypto market, and it may drop more.

I would like to chime in a little about XRP-Ripple. Xrp is the Bankers coin ie:Central Bank. ( XLM, Stellar is also a bankers coin) The assault on XRP is most likely coordinated with the bankers and will be instrumental in the Great Reset. I agree there are schennanigans happening.

However, if Trump prevails and I believe he will, despite current appearances (and we will know in the next few weeks) this will not bode well for the Central Bank which in the long run will not bode well for XRP.

I own XRP and am hedging my bets, I own other crypto and can afford to take the hit if XRP fails, so can Greyscale.

Almost all Crypto are Technologies.

Some are just getting started and have very bright futures.

A couple I have invested and think they will do very well in the future.

I look at the Tech, the people behind it, their connections, applications and market cap.

Cardano ADA, currently $0.25, Founder Charles Hoskinson is a mathematician that co-founded Ethereum. Nuff said.

Theta Token. (Theta)  $1.63 Theta Token is blockchain to video streaming, seeking to decentralize video streaming and video on demand.

This is a revolutionary technology, their partnerships are A+.

Chainlink (Link) $14.14 The solution's base is built on oracles, which help in limiting trust in a single party and work seamlessly in a decentralized infrastructure.

All of these Cryptos can be traded till the end of the Halving cycle (See Bitcoin Halving) or held for long term.

As always do your research.

This is Not financial advice, 

The Crypto space is prone to lots of Volitility that being said, be brave :-)

Best of Luck