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Hi Martin,

Thanks for a tremendous overview of your thoughts on crypto. I concur with many. I have this one important point to add for all new to the space...

If you're new, look to good sound investments for the future, rather than trying to "score" in just a few days, because crypto is highly volatile. Unless you're an experienced trader, it's easy to get your fingers burned - so look to the long term. And in so doing, to me, there are always two things I pay attention to: (1) Does the technology offer a unique differentiator value?
(2) And even more important, what is the quality of the team behind it?

That's why I'm all-in ethereum. Their team is magnificent to my mind, with the right ethos and also now a huge network of open source techies. XRP has a tremendously experienced team too, with plenty who've succeeded in the company Ripple, but with a very different energy to Ethereum. Bitcoin has no centralised team, which is what concerns me. And since 51% of all Bitcoin mining (how the Block chain is updated) happening in China, that's a big concern I have.

So always check the players involved. Make sure you resonate. Here's Vitalik Buterin the Founder of Ethereum - the interdimensonal intel tells me he's a 'white hat' sent here from outer space!...

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