12/01/21 Journal Update: So if you're invested in the crypto space or watching it and considering jumping in, you may be quite shocked that all the leading cryptos (Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP) and plenty of others took a huge tumble by 25% the other day. Well firstly, get used to it! The crypto space is highly volatile. In March last year Bitcoin lost around half its value in a few days before bouncing right back (I see them all beginning to regain right now). But there's another reason too, which we need to be aware of. The system is getting its fat fingers into crypto as the next big wave, and wants to own an ever greater slice of the pie. So it circulates stories like the one below, and manipulates prices by orchestrating sell-offs. It's to discourage regular people from staying in the space and so they can buy on the dips. So don't be put off, see the dips as an opportunity to acquire, and most importantly of all, stay long!