So, back to the dolphins and how we only perform tricks to keep you people entertained! 

The reason why we seem so jovial whilst performing shows (at dolphinariams) is actually to assist man kind (yet again). It is not, as you have been led to believe our dearest moments where we get to jump through loops. We are assisting the people watching in releasing all of their frustrations, fears and explosive mind constructs. Have you ever been to a dolphin show? Do you remember when we did something that made your stomach whoop with anticipation and you feel yourself become euphoric with the delight of seeing us perform? Well, all those sensations (unless of course you felt nothing which is a pity) are associated to how we are balancing and bring out your awareness. Some people are very aware that dolphins have something about them… We release and transform all your fears and doubts. Even though humans tend to go right back (mostly) into what they've created, it does however assist you, at least for some time. We are always assisting beings. Wherever we find ourselves we place ourselves firmly within that moment and we do what it is that we are able to, to assist. The mere refractions that create change within beings, is absolutely what we strive for. Especially children are where we work the most. Their minds have not been obstructed and complicated as much as that of the adult. To a child the dolphin also represents more than just a slimy fish! Yes, many people still see us as silly fish. Children can still be assisted to the point where they grow up understanding that their actions are not merely harmless and that where they place themselves has a lot to do with how they view themselves within this world. It has always been a wonderful thing for a dolphin when a child sees what we do. Often a child will sit at one of these dolphinarian shows with the dullest look in their eyes. I see them through all the water as I rise to meet their eyes.

Often these children live in such deprived states, where all they get use to is seeing their parents abusing each other or where they live within this abuse. I see in their eyes how they have become dead inside, with mere refractions within them of their original freedom. So I rise up and I look at them, adult and children alike. I see them while they see me. It is my vulnerability that makes the human take notice and look me in the eye. I say to them look, I have nothing to hide, you may see me. If I am able to be taken from my oceans, where I swam freely with others to become a toy then what stops you from facing yourself! Perhaps in that moment you do not even realize that you are connecting to me, but it is like a live wire running through us both. It is wonderful. I sense that you have no life and I push you to feel that you have that. I push for all that your mind is saying to you to merely stand still and allow for the you inside to breathe . If you can imagine the brain waves coming from your mind looking like electricity then the entire audience area would be electrified! Bolts of electricity shooting from each beings head. In colour it actually has distinct blue and red shooting though the air as it moves. Just like lightning that shows colour . Beautiful, yet very harmful. Harmful because it shows us that the human mind is much too chaotic. Within each of these specific rays and bolts of electrical movement it shows us that all is not well in the mind. Thoughts are not able to be directed as the being within oneness. Beings sit there unaware of their minds and yet it seems to me that you have an awareness that your mind is not able to be trusted. Or is it rather that you trust the mind because everyone tells you to? So my keen eyes catch everything from that one jump out of the water. I assist and I move all throughout my little performance. And you thought the performance was breath taking, imagine for a moment what I have just given you a glimpse into. The magnitude of the actual performance I deliver! So therefore we allow our captivity, it gives us the opportunity to become closely involved with people, allowing for moments where nothing else moves within you but what we allow. The rush that we experience together as I jump high is how I take all that I move out your body and return it to the skies!