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Incredibly beautiful sharing! Thank you, Danniel. It touched me deeply... from the Dolphin's perspective...

When I came reading to the line "Beautiful, yet very harmful. Harmful because it shows us that the human mind is much too chaotic" it just threw me deeply inwards. The discipline of the mind is what I'm contemplating a lot lately. I believe this is one of the ways to create harmony within ourselves and around us.

As I go through my own shift most of the time I am spending on my own. Then going out into the "people's world", if I may say so (I know I am part of it too), just for the revelation to myself of how things have changed for me and so I am making awesome discoveries in that. If I manage staying centered and not being engaged too much in the outer yet placing my self out there at the same time incredible things are happening. Like for example, I can sense a little "tornadoes" of chaos around me but it isn't touching me, as if I would be invisible :) Or, I may walk on streets, beaches, wherever among people and just naturally spot few of them but not focusing on this nor looking much at them. Then when I am back at home flashes of memory occur with those spotted people and I was wondering why. My sense is that those people are in a more or less deep suffering, that could be loneliness, self worthlessness, etc. I do not spot in this particular way joyous and feeling good people (they just are and that's brilliant). This feels like being able to "scan" the surroundings while staying focused within my own field.

So, maybe humans have this ability too which you so nicely put in words - "So I rise up and I look at them, adult and children alike. I see them while they see me. It is my vulnerability that makes the human take notice and look me in the eye. I say to them look, I have nothing to hide, you may see me." 

I can see how much pain people carry within them selves and often thinking what enormous amount of time, efforts and energy we have to dedicate to this to be healed... I wish from all of my heart that we could heal them or help them just by looking into their eyes, even from a distance. Majority of people don't even have an idea they are able to heal them selves and all they need just to acknowledge their own suffering and ask for or be open to a help. Then this is the main point for those, who know how and can do that (to help), to be taken out from our oceans... Just for the reason - far few can reach dolphins within the ocean. Is this something that we humans have common with dolphins?

Many months ago my Being has "bubbled" into this drawing which I named "Dream of the Dolphin"

With much love to all and everyone Heart

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Dream of the Dolphin