Hi Everyone - how are you all in the Shift out there right now?

There's lots of change happening in the field and lots of complexity, you might well agree.

That's why it's essential we keep reminding each other to connect with the grace at the core of us.

The soul is working to find rightness of action in the world - this sovereignty is why the external is changing.

BUT, be clear not to detach from the essence at the core of you - the Sacred Ground of Being.

Ultimately this is what the soul is working to reveal - to actualise, to make real.

It's that hallowed place of grace. Of wholeness and completeness. No matter what is going on.

How do you find that sacred place personally?

For me nature is a huge one - just watching the bees out in the garden, or the birds gliding on the wind. And music - the right track can simply carry me away.

Here's a favourite track I frequently play at the Openhand gatherings that readily gets me into that grace.

Take a few moments, sit back and feel it...