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Hi Barb,

It's a powerful inquiry for sure, one which I know many have. Heart

Always when someone asks me a question, I'm feeling between the words and finding the energy trigger points behind them. Here's what leaps out of your sharing...

But how do i create something (self-worth) from something that wasn't really ever there to begin with? things like affirmations never worked; i could never make myself believe those things just by saying them because i didn't funfamentally believe it to be true. While i get one must eventually move beyond the needs of the ego, for me it's hard to find an anchor in the higher when i have no stable base to start from.

You can't create self-worth. Just as you can't create any authentic state of being. That's why mantras ultimately fail.

You can't create self-worth (or any authentic state of being) because at the deepest levels it is already there. It already exists. How can you create something which is already present?

The key is to remove all the ego veils that stand in the way of it. And the way to do this is activate those karmic veils (including those from this life) so as to confront the pain and immerse in it - what is it that you're attaching to which blocks the emergence of your true light? What resolution or fix are you needing? When you do this, and you become deeply intimate with it, then something happens: you discover yourself as that which is observing and non-identified with the pain - with the distortion (of low self-worth). If you really work into it and allow yourself to go there, then you hit the "zero point" right at the bottom of it. It's a place of deep surrender, deep "giving up" - giving up trying to be something you are not. You stop trying to emulate someone for example (a paternal/maternal figure?).

It's this practice we apply in the Openhand Breakthrough Approach

When you give up trying to be something you are not, then you settle into being who you really are.

When you are really who you are, then there will be no question about self-worth. You'll discover your unique, personal soul-expression of the One. And because you are unique, you'll suddenly realise, "how can something which is unique possibly have no value?" From there, your soul can truly start to blossom.

It would be of great value to come on an Openhand Retreat or Course. Or else working with a facilitator. I would connect with Tilly Bud about that...
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