I put it to you that what matters most in life is finding your own internal harmony and alignment. Might sound a bit glib, a bit cliche. So what do I mean exactly?

Everyone will make mistakes in life, providing that is, you're not denying your journey - your inquiry - which is the greatest mistake one can ever make.

The mistakes are essential. Because within them is the possibility to reclaim the lost aspect of yourself. And, most essentially, then you'll be able to honour boundaries within your future engagement with life.

When you can do this, then the soul will naturally create the kind of configuration that is best for your aliveness and expression. Perhaps that's to be alone? Perhaps with a partner but with plenty of space? Perhaps with a close group of friends. The more you witness yourself, the more you align the boundaries and therefore the more accurately you define your life.

Thus you become harmonious. And from that, you create harmony in the outer.
To me, nothing can be so essential. Then you're truly living.

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