I'm parked up on the beach looking out across the sea, it's a glorious day.
A van has just parked next to me - it's a dog grooming business, with 3 happy dogs emblazoned on the side. As the door opens, an excited spaniel leaps out and rushes off across the beach, tail wagging furiously.
A thought comes to mind - "Doge is making a come back!" Sure enough, the price has leapt 20% today.

I took an early morning jog across the cliffs, down through a small valley, across a jinking little stream heading into the ocean. I'd been watching a great crypto project about video streaming called Bittorrent. The thought came to mind, "oh, it's a bit of a torrent". The price is up over 30% today!

Watch for the light of synchronicity, adventure and fun in the crypto space. It's speaking loudly. That's what I find so adventurous and intriguing about it. A paradigm change, turning the old on its head.

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