One of my favourite events of the year is brining facilitators (including those on the program) all together to share as kindred spirits in a community of friendship and well-being. What can be better than journeying with people you've gotten to know well over the years?! The ice breaks quickly (is there any ice?!), and we dive into that loving embrace together with the divine.

I wanted to make this one in Avebury once more - it's such a magical place, and I've experienced tremendous infusions there of late. Of course I understand that many of you abroad will be unlikely to be able to attend terrestrially - but do keep your fingers crossed and energy working on that one. Miracles do happen! So if you're not in Britain, and can't fly in, then we'll fly the energy to you! So we're going to live stream all of the sessions and as much of the free time as humanly possible - to completely involve you all.

There can be no more important a time for this level of connection.
Looking forwards to giving you a big cosmic hug there!
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