I miss road trips! Thank you for letting us live vicariously through you. Weather is definitely unusual here. Last year or so I keep feeling like there are two seasons happening simultaneously. I also noticed the sun doesn't set in the same place as it had in last few years. I imagine Gaia's wobble is her trying to shake off the infestation of parasites lol! Anxiety and doubt keep cropping up for me, as well as old attachments. My island rn is this page; hard to find like minded ppl where I landed myself but I remain hopeful. Going through the five stages of grief for 3d Gaia mostly because I love animals and nature so much, and don't yet have an anchor to the higher. on a personal level I struggle with regret that I wasted most of my life being afraid and not following my heart. I would have done things so differently, but at least I'm finally realizing who I really am. Working to keep connected to my higher self in every moment. Still struggling to not keep getting pulled into all the pointless drama and my own alarmist thinking, ie "omg I just saw the number 911 does it mean something bad's going to happen?!?" lol. Vestiges of past trauma. But presence is making a difference. I also need to keep working on surrender and acceptance. I can't wait to shed the old crap and join with her, my true self, she's so much more fun to be with than little me! I'm hitching a ride with you on the next one!😉 Happy trails brother!💜💜💜🙏