A greatest paradox is that exactly with the beginning of endless lockdowns an incredible magic started unfolding in my life and it doesn't seem to stop yet. But this long story is for my diary... Just to mention one episode that since March or April of last year somehow happened that I was able to make few times more new beautiful connections with the kindred souls as opposed to any kind of connections made during past ten years. Thanks to this place and wonderful Openhand community! Heart

After very stormy last night and the power outage caused by strong winds this morning an interesting message landed through my mind - FORCES ARE UNITING. I have no idea yet what this exactly means but, as Open says, will look for the reflections in the external. So, will see... Actually, I asked the question within "how long yet the humanity will allow to be mocked on itself?" and that response landed immediately. It was subsequent after my sister's sharing this morning how tough and mad life becomes within the family living in a remote area and, in particular, with the teenager member. People are losing their patience, saying "f*** Them all and Their rules!", jumping into their cars and going somewhere they want. Also, in some countries people are finding beautiful ways to express their disagreement with locks&downs - I saw video filmed in my home country on Independence day, while mass gatherings of people are not allowed, a beautifully organized huge gathering of vehicles with nice trucks in front line, all carrying flags, peacefully driving on streets. It is not ambiguous what they mean by that. There is no limit to expression when people come to the unity. So, how long yet it will take?  

Meanwhile, enjoying the music and sharing with everyone. Much love from my heart to yours Praying Emoji