24/02/2021 Fellowship of the Rings Vlog: Hi everyone tuning in. Thanks so mcuh for sharing all your feedback loops, responses and music. Good to see you Rich, Barb, Daniel, Bonnyboots (love the name!), Asya (great Bliss track!) and Megha - I'm glad someone is picking up on the Morgana energy too, aka Morgan Le Fay, who is the female equivalent of Merlin. How about all you white witches out there, what are you experiencing?

My connection on Feb 22nd was very much with the Arc Angels, and especially St Michael. That's what drew me to this highly alchemical chapel at Brentor on the edge of Dartmoor, with a fabulous stained glas window featuring him. I managed to weave together this vlog to share with you all. When you watch it, do take a few moments beforehand to breathe and get that sense of angelic connection. It was blustery and stormy, which added a more powerful, masculine feel to the energy...

May the angels be with you all Angel Halo

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