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This is so beautiful sharing, Open. I can sense that subtle angelic vibration, I feel inner excitement and tenderness while watching.

But really today I sense a bit different energy - something slightly wilder... I experienced weird perception of movement in the sky around the sun which impossible to put in words but I'm sure that was only me who could see those various subtle colours there. I could see skies bleeding in red, sun changing from blue-white to yellow light, grey-violet clouds trying to cover the sun and something more - all kinds of weirdest things :) And all that was in a constant movement, like a vortex in front of the sun. I could feel like some battle is going on on the energetic level, but not too aggressive, rather gentle and at the same time powerful play. Though it's just my own perception after all.

Can't wait to see what will come with tomorrow's vlog video... Praying Emoji

<3 I would like to dedicate the following songs to at least two powerful ArchAngels that I feel their presence and support through my life <3

With love to all and everyone Heart Angel Halo Heart