Hi Open,  

I really enjoyed your Angels video today and the others also.  Months ago I did a post on this website about being visited late at night by an angel who said he was Gabriel and was watching over me.   I've had people tell me I have a lot of angels around me.    Another person had mentioned that some people could grow angel wings.  I've had the strangest sensations in my back lately, especially inside the right shoulder blade area, like something was wanting to erupt from under the skin but I can't feel it physically with my hands. I sense it as an opening for something and it almost feels like a sharp poking sensation is the best way I can describe it.

Today as I watched this angelic video, that sensation returned strongly.  You said you sensed an angelic vibration in me.  Am I sensing angelic wings?  Crazy question I know....  There are people who call me an Earth Angel.   I do speak with my angels and guides daily.

Regarding the false narrative, the news claims the vaxx will create herd immunity, yet say it won't protect you from getting the VIR.  So nobody questions what is the real purpose behind the vaxx.  Our news says ones who got 2 vaxxes then got the VIR 2 weeks later, are now having dna sequencing tests performed.  No flu shot ever required that so I'm wondering if they're looking to see how broken the dna is yet, or how blocked.  I too am shocked at how many want to be vaxxed!  I also see how the immensely powerful storms here in the U.S. are causing vaxx sites to be closed and vaxx to be delayed in shipping.  I celebrate out loud every time I hear that!  Maybe those delays will give more people time to wake up and decide not to subject their body to that sinister vaxx.

I'll keep tuning in to see these awesome videos, and thank you for sharing them!

Namaste, Praying EmojiHeart