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Man I love your spirit! That dip felt chilly yet invigorating! The countryside is so beautiful. I managed to bring my vibe up today and really do feel excited about the shift. I do feel deeply that this absolutely has to happen and despite the fears and sadness (for myself as well; the regret I didn't enjoy her to the fullest every single day) and worry I'll "miss the boat", I feel a sense of "at last, real change!". And for myself as well. So ready to reclaim myself! And I'm starting to feel like I am, and that I might make it after all. Some inquiring made me realize that I do still struggle with feelings of unworthiness and I believe that's one of the things slowing my progress, but I'm ready to dive into some rabbit holes and wander into some caves, so to speak. Thinking about the animals, it occurred to me that hey, maybe they already know about what's to come and have already accepted it. Maybe it's time I did too. That will be the ultimate surrender and I so want to get there. Thanks for another great one!πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ™