26/02/21 Fellowship Vlog Journal: Hi to everyone tuning in, there's a wonderful inclusive vibe here - thanks so much for your energy. Yesterday I travelled up through the industrial "heartland" of England, specifically passing through Birmingham - wow the energy was intense and dense I can tell you. Torus the Bull was on Openhand's horroscope yesterday and I mannaged to shoot some great footage at the Bull Ring Shopping Centre, which was teaming with boys and girls in blue, like some police state. However everything flowed brilliantly including a respectful encounter with them where they tried to close down the shoot, but I applied the common law to turn them away. Unfortunately though, when I came to compile the footage, there had been a technical glitch and none of the sound came through!

Sometimes these things are sent to test us and I can tell you I did have to deal with a good degree of disappointment! Nevertheless, the show rolls on and I'll be travelling again today, first grounding and dispsensing with all that dense energy that I encountered - phew, it was heavy!

I do have a few pictures to share and I'll get back round to video just as soon as I can.

Torus the Bull on the Openhand Horroscope - time for some obstinacy!

Blue and yellow hornest everywhere!

With all due respect, I stand under the jurisdiction of God's natural law, and I'm afforded the right to freedom of movement, assembly and expression (clearly, judging by her shoulder number, she was an angel in disguise!):

The show rolled on, with some ever present angels wings in the background!...

End of the shoot, wow, it looked like huge angel's wings in the sky!


Blessings to all, Open HeartAngel Halo